Convenience and limited time to exercise and prepare meals or dislike of food preparation and cooking, shape many people’s lifestyles today. Instead of struggling with weight problems and ill health, why not change it by growing your own vegetables? Growing your own ensures you get the freshest pick of the crop.


LÖV encourages user to grow herbs. Considering there is a chance of a shower in London every three days. Londoners rarely venture out without their umbrella. Drying umbrella at home occupies a lot space, especially for those who live in small space. LÖV was designed to be a stand that holds the umbrella vertically for saving space. With build-in grow light source and drops from the umbrella, it allows user to grow their vegetable in convenient, affordable way.


LÖV is a self-identified project I embarked on in the final year of my bachelor degree at Central Saint Martins. Initially, the project focused on fast food consumption in London, specifically for students who rely more on convenience and price when considering food options.

Considering the majority of fast food restaurants, customers aim at a relatively low budget for food, therefore, it may apply to living condition as well. In the idea generation stage, it narrows to a concept which is suitable to be used in a small space as well as a combination of functions. 

Aiming at a low budget for the target audience, LÖV is set to be a self-assembly product for potential client IKEA.

Assembly instruction was drawn in IKEA style which is simple and straightforward.

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