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A simple, all-in-one app. Improve cash flow and enable a financially stress-free life.


Grantit is a financial technology company specialising in personal loan.


To provide an intuitive and nimble experience in accomplishing a variety of complex finance-related tasks without the feeling of overwhelm.


We simplified the complex user flow into a top-level chart that consists of three parts, loan application, identity verification, and loan repayment.

Although a big part of the flow is facilitated with AI which guarantees data safety and transparency, the whole journey still requires a ton of information exchange. Hence, an engaging design that disentangles complexity is vital to Grantit.

A modular design combined with a deliberately linear flow that frees the users from the mental burden of wandering around looking for the next step.

It decomposes the complex user journeys into simple, manageable steps to provide more efficient navigation.

Also, this enabled a higher level of flexibility. Later on, specific modules were easily inserted without breaking the seamless experience when the company encountered the need to add a new step in the original flow.

Application is never easier.

The process has been improved with a clear breakdown between information submission and verification. Tailor-made buttons were designed for each step to ensure there's no confusion.

Repayment milestones made visible.

The experience for repayment was significantly better with a new design of the progress bar. The expectation can be managed clearly thanks to the timeline design.

Loan profile at a glance.

The interface for profile is aesthetically delightful because of data visualization and a series of illustration that changes based on the user status.

A design system was no trivial matter to our team.

As the product grows, it became a shared library of brand personality and a collection of experience design principles that serve as a guideline to help maintain consistency across different teams.

Colour and typography are the fundamental building blocks for a style guide reflecting brand visual identity in the product interface.

And Circular Std, a san-serif, completes the right combination between the fonts and the company logo.

Our icons were designed to maximise clarity and readability.

They were carefully customized to communicate the key intention of some unique actions required in interacting with Grantit.

Bridging the gap between design and development by creating and utilizing a collection of reusable components along with a standardised guideline.

The numbers are growing continuously.

After the app launched, the statistics have shown the increase in user engagement.








As of Dec 2020

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